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Final post [May. 2nd, 2010|12:04 pm]
[my obsession |Raine Maida - Yellow Brick Road]

Hey. CLEARLY i dont use this anymore... Makes me wonder if 1) anyone uses this anymore 2) anyone READS this anymore...

If you still get my updates and would still read this then STOP. lol come add/view me here instead:
www.shawny02.deviantart.com [my comics/"art"]
www.myspace.com/Brother_Darkness_V1 [....me?]
I dont do much else. I have a Gaia account i dont use. neopets i get on only when i'm TOO bored. Facebook sucks, but i have it. oh god it sucks so bad. Why do people freak the fuck out about it? theyre all DUUH FACEBOOK IS BETTER THEN MYSPACE! and i just dont care lol

So..yeaaaaah.... see ya. or not.

Oh, also, I'm in Texas now. lol